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About the ICVMC and the MN Chapter

ICVMC Three Percent PatchWe are Combat Veterans who served in Vietnam; on the ground, in the air and on the water. We follow the code established by our Brothers, the first returning Vietnam Vets who formed Outlaw motorcycle clubs. We are not allied with any other motorcycle club. We do not claim territory. We respect all motorcycle clubs and follow local protocol established by the dominant motorcycle clubs.

We have the right to defend ourselves. We have paid our dues in Vietnam and in each of the many states in which we ride. We claim a special kinship with all men who served In Country Vietnam. We say "Welcome Home, Brother," and for our Brothers who did not come home we say "Rest in Peace, you will NEVER be forgotten."

POW/MIA LOGO - YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN - ICVMCMNThe IN COUNTRY VETS MOTORCYCLE CLUB was conceived and founded in late 1994 by a small group of Vietnam veterans in Illinois who had served in country, and wanted to ride together in a motorcycling brotherhood with a desire to support and assist each other, other veterans, veterans widows and dependents, and other members of the community. The club is wholly benevolent in purpose and organization. Please feel free to visit our NATIONAL WEBSITE.

Following appropriate protocols, the founders met with the senior clubs in their area and received approval to wear the patch they had designed - an IN COUNTRY top rocker, a stylized version of the Vietnam Service Medal as a center patch, an MC patch, and their unit ID as a bottom rocker.

We are 'in country' veterans of the Vietnam War, each of us having served at least one tour of duty in Vietnam.  We have all earned the Vietnam Service Medal, and our membership includes representatives from each of the Armed Forces of the United States.  We represent all races and ethnic groups, and we enjoy the camaraderie of our brothers in arms, and the healing and friendship of being with others who've shared the same experiences.

ICVMCMN Motto is "Vets Helping Vets"The In Country  MC is a wholly benevolent not-for-profit federally tax-exempt war veterans motorcycle club.  Our motto is "Vets Helping Vets" and our purpose is to provide moral, mental, and physical support to our brothers and sisters as well as other veterans, their families, widows, and children.  We may also assist other members of the community who need financial, emotional, and personal support.

We are always there with a "WELCOME HOME - JOB WELL DONE!" for the Vietnam veteran who has never heard it from the public or family who didn't want to recognize his participation in the war.  Each chapter has a chosen veterans cause they must support through annual fund raising events and charitable work.

If you are interested in becoming a Member of ICVMC of Minnesota click here.


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